Billy Currington

Why, Why, Why

Billy Currington

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Why, Why, Why

	  		Intro: (A) (A) (A) (G) (D) (A)  x 2 
(A) I've been your lover, I've been your friend 
I've been your faithful one-(G)-woman (A) man 
I've been your diamond in the rough 
Now you say you wanna (G) polish me (A) up 
 	 (A) Why, why, why do you wanna change me now? 
 	 Ain't (G) I the one you loved everything about? 
 	 You (D) might start missin' the old me around 
 	 So (A) why, why, why do you (E) wanna change me (A) now 
(A) I remember you used to like 
Walkin' with me on my (G) wilder (A) side 
My kind of crazy turned you on 
Do you really want that (G) part of me (A) gone? 
Repeat Chorus 
(A) Why, why, why 
Ain't (G) I the one? 
You (D) might start missin' 
Repeat Chorus 
 	 So (A) why, why, why do you (E) wanna change me (A) now 


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