Billy Currington

Until You

Billy Currington

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Until You

Intro: D   Bm   G   D 

D                         Bm 
Let's just take our time 
There's nothing else to do 
What better way to spend the night 
      A                D 
Than wasting it with you 
The moon has won the war 
The daylight waits to win 
Stay here by my side 
                   A                Bm  A  G 
We'll watch the struggle start again 
D A I need you Bm Now and forever G D A To stay right here with me G Don't ever leave D A Love was kept Bm From me like a secret G D A And I swore that I was through G Until you Until you
D Bm The city's settled down G I watch you as you sleep Em7 There's a silent celebration A D For every breath you breathe Bm Now this all makes sense G With you as company Em7 I left all I knew and found A Bm A G The better part of me Yeah yeah Chorus A D G The time it took to find you A D G I would wait again, my baby A D G A For the feelings that I feel with you now Chorus

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