Bill Ryder-jones


Bill Ryder-jones

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G E D C G E Bm C  

Bm D Bm 
D C G D F C G  
Satellites talk for us 
I'm stranded in the dark 
G                       D                  
Of all the things I've loved 
F                 C 
But had to tear apart 
G                     D 
My satellites talked for us 
      F      D     C 
I'm staring into space 
G             D    
Something I could trust 
F                 C 
To put me in my place 
D   Am             G 
I wasted all that time 
C                 F                 E 
I wasted yours as well 
D                       F 
You saved me with the thought 
That something somewhere 
Must be happening 
G                  D 
I turned to you inside 
      F         D          C 
You smiled and we started laughing 
G              D                    F               C 
And turning to one's side 
G                  D 
Satellites talked for us 
       F             C 
I'm stranded in the dark 
G                   D 
Of everything I've loved 
F                  C 
And went and took apart 
D      G        G                  C 
I got lost in myself 
                      F            E 
And time got lost as well 
D                   F 
But safety is the thought 
That something somewhere 
Must be happening 


C Am G F C Am E F   
G E D C G E Bm C 
C Am G F C Am E F 

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