Bikini Kill


Bikini Kill

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Dsus2                          C5 
I can't say everything about it 

Dsus2                  C5 
In just one single song 

Dsus2                             C5 
I can't put how I feel in a package 

Dsus2                        C5 
And sell it back to everyone  

But wait 

B5                  D5                   G5      B5   D5                         
There's another boy genius who's fucking gone 

Dsus2                                  C5 
I hope the food tastes better in heaven 

Dsus2                                         C5 
I know there's lots of rad queer boys up there 

Dsus2                             C5 
I hope every time they talk to you 

Dsus2                                    C5 
They know they're lucky to be your friend  

Cause look 

B5                  D5                   G5      B5   D5                         
There's another boy genius who's fucking gone 

And I wouldn't be so fucking mad 

So fucking pissed off 

If it wasn't so fucking wrong 

It's all fucking wrong 

G5                      B5             D5 
It's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair  

Dsus2           C5 
But no one said life was easy 

Yeah, but no one said, 

No one said nothing's supposed to happen right? 

Dsus2              C5 
No, no one told me anything 

Dsus2                     C5      G5 
To prepare me for fucking this  

B5                  D5 
There's another boy genius  

              G5  B5   D5 
Who's fucking gone 

Don't tell me it don't matter 
Don't tell me it don't matter 

Don't tell me I've had three days to get over it 

G5          B5 
It won't go away 

It just won't go away 

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