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Let It Rise

Big Daddy Weave

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Let It Rise

Year: 2006 - Album: Every Time I Breathe

	  		From the album Every Time I Breathe 

You'll have to listen for timing on recording. 

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General Comments: (1) This song is in unfavorable keys both F#(Gb) and G#(Ab),unless an electric guitar is nearby :) (2) Generally in the verse, bridge and chorus, the F# major chord is alternated between F major and F sus4 (3) One idea would be to transpose this piece to G major and A major, respectively to make it simplier, and easier to remember. (4) What seemingly seems like an easy song is not so...At least the way Big Daddy Weave treats this old Maranatha song.... 5 I've probably made a few mistakes so I'll try to make an update ASAP. (6) I hope the formating works correctly :)
Intro: F#5 F#sus4 F#5 F#sus4 **voicing like 5 and sus4 can be omitted if needed Verse 1: F# F#sus4 F# F#sus4 Let the glory of the Lord rise among us Let the glory of the Lord rise among us D#m E Let the praises of the King rise among us F# F#sus4 F# F#sus4 Let it rise Verse 2: (same chords as Verse 1) Let the songs of the Lord rise among us Let the songs of the Lord rise among us Let the joy of the King rise among us Let it rise Bridge 1 C# G#m Oh, Oh, Oh F# Let it rise *Electric Guitar Riff * Verse 1 Verse 2 Bridge 1 (x2) Bridge 2 C# G#m Oh, Oh, Oh D#m (C#/E) F# (F#/A#) B Let it rise (repeat line x3) ** note here the ( ) chords. These are passing chords so may be omitted but bass would play D#-E-F#-A#-B G#m Let it rise E Let it Rise ****Modulate to Ab**** Same chords, just 1 whole step above F#(Gb) Verse 1 and 2: Ab Fm Gb Ab Bridge 1: Eb Bbm Ab Bridge 2: Eb Bbm Oh,Oh,Oh Let it rise... Ab (w/ electric riff) The song would be great in G major. Way easier to remember :) So, let's take a look at it. Here's the General Structure Verse 1 and 2: G Em F G Bridge 1 D (Am) G Bridge 2 Am C G Bridge 3 Am C Em (D/F#) G (G/B) C Am F Proceed to Modulate to A major Verse 1 and 2: A F#m G A Bridge 1: E (Bm) A Bridge 2: Bm D A Let it rise.... A (electric riff) etc...... ********************** God loves u all! Blessings! Paul

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