Big Daddy Weave

Different Light

Big Daddy Weave

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Different Light


Intro:  F ? C ? F ? C 

Well I used to think that everyday 
                                     before the day I met You had been wasted time. 
And there are places on that tape that I could 
so quickly erase if I could just rewind. 


    Am                    Dm 
But that?s not who I am anymore 
    F                          G 
Cuz there?s no after without before. 

F I see it in a different light. G C Now I understand the story of my life. F Why You brought me to right here where I am tonight. C I see it in a different light.
F Well I took so many steps that led to C Nothing but regret and I still wear the scars. F But all those pictures in my past now they?re reminding me C Of just how beautiful You are (Pre-Chorus ? then Chorus 2x) Bridge: G Am F And Oh? those old songs have a brand new sound. G Am Dm (hold?.) And Oh? my whole life?s feeling new somehow. (Chorus 2 times) F C Singing Woo oo oo oo Woo oo oo oo oo oo? (in a different light) Repeat twice F (HOLD?..) I see it in a different light??..

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