Biffy Clyro


Biffy Clyro

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Intro -         Em      G       D       x2 

Em                                      G                        
I don't know where we're going from here 
But it's time to sing the saddest song 
Em                                      G 
Looking alive with a broken mind, 
Why don't you ever take my side 

C               Em              D 
We can dream of all the mistakes that we've made 
C               Em              D (Fingerpick without the third finger) 
There's no reason, there's nothing left to take away 

Em                              G 
I now know where we're going from here 
And it's time to sing a happy song 
Em                              G 
Feeling alive with a throbbing mind, 
You're never gonna break my stand 

C               Em              D 
We can dream of all the mistakes that we've made 
C               G               Bm 
There's no reason, we can't start at the end 

Em      G               D                       A                
We're users but at least we use each other friend 
Em      G               D                       A 
We'll choose our path and face the consequence 

C                       G 
Some say love, I say fight 
I hope I'm not wrong 
C                       G 
A restless soul, a wicked mind 
D                                               C 
I'd rather kiss the ground than kiss a starless sky  

Outro -  
Em      D       C       Em 
Em      D       C       Em (Accentuate each string) 

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