Bethany Dillon

The Kingdom

Bethany Dillon

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The Kingdom

	  		   F			       Bb 
It tapped me on the shoulder today when I got home 
I saw everything collecting dust 
It made me hope there was something more 
F		      Bb 
So I pour over pages, desperate to find out why 
     F			      Bb 
The cripple at your table has what I'm longing to find 
Gm	        Dm 
Teach me how to hum it 
Gm		         Bb      C 
Because I don't know the words yet 

F Help me see the light C I'm reaching through the fight Dm Bb Yahweh, show me the Kingdom F Arms open wide C Death swallowed up by life Dm Bb Yahweh, show me the Kingdom
F Why are some women barren Bb While the wicked's house is full F The stories never seem to end Bb Give me evidence I'm not alone F You said the weak would be lifted up Bb But maybe just not yet F So while I wait in this flesh and blood Bb I'll learn to lean in Refrão Gm Am Bb C Gm Am Bb Bbm Refrão

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