Bethany Dillon


Bethany Dillon

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Year: 2004 - Album: Bethany Dillon

	  		No Capo 

Intro: G x2 

Many have traveled this road before 
            Em7 x2 
I see their tracks in the dirt 
But maybe I don?t agree 
            D          G x4 
With where they are leading 

And who am I, just a youth 
But why has that become the excuse 
A monotone voice 
   D              G  D/F# 
In my head saying 

Em C Dreaming all the time G D/F# It?s so foolish Em C Your flood of empty words G Will drown you in ruin Am7 D So we listen
G x2 Should we listen G They shake their heads C/G G Em7 x2 As they drive away in the bandwagon C Didn?t feel like hitching a ride D G Gsus Oh, but I?ll be fine G Some nights it?s hard to be alone G Em7 I want some kind of kinship C But the finish line D G It drives me on D/F When they say Chorus Should we listen G G/F# Come with me Em B C They?ll call us revolutionaries G Bm/F# Come with me Em B C They?ll call us revolutionaries B C Revolutionaries B C Revolutionaries Em C Dreaming all the time G G/F# It?s not foolish Em C Your flood of life giving words G They will refresh they will refresh Chorus D/F# Am Should we listen D Revolutionaries

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