Bethany Dillon


Bethany Dillon

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	  		G	       C9 
My pockets are empty 
G	      C9 
Fear's such a thief 
                   G      C   G 
You know how that goes 
G	   C9 
I used to think 
G			      C9 
You couldn't love a mess like me 
		  G	C     G 
Then You came in close 

D      Am 
As my heart settles 
D   Am        C 
You do the impossible 

Em C G D You change me, Em C G D You change me C B7 Thank You, Jesus Em C Em C I can see You change me
G C Like a bullet in a wound G C It needs to be removed Em C G But only by You, only by You D Am And though I feel so stuck D Am C The hope in Your eyes is enough Refrão C D Now that I see Your face C D I'll never be the same (acordes dedilhados) Em C G You change me, Em C G C B7 You change me Refrão

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