Bethany Dillon


Bethany Dillon

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Year: 2004 - Album: Bethany Dillon

	  		Standard Tuning  
No Capo 

The first eight measures are piano. 

Intro: (After Piano) A/B Bm A/B Bm A/G Gmaj7 A/G  

Gmaj7  Bm 
  I was so unique 
          A/G   G(add2)  A/G G(add2) 
Now I feel skin deep 
Bm                             A/G  G(add2) A/G G(add2) 
Count on the makeup to cover it all  
Crying myself to sleep 
               A/G             G(add2) A/G G(add2) 
Cause I cannot keep their attention 
Thought I could be strong 
                A/G G(add2) A/G G(add2) A/G 
But it?s killing me 

G(add2)       Asus 
  Does someone hear my cry 
I?m dying for new life 

D A/D I want to be beautiful D Bm A/B Bm And make you stand in awe Bm7 G A/G Look inside my heart G D A And be amazed D A/D G/D I want to hear you say D Bm A/B Bm Who I am is quite enough Bm7 G A Just wanna be worthy of love A And beautiful
Bm A/B Bm A/G Gmaj7 A/G Gmaj7 Bm G A/G G Gsus2 Sometimes I wish I was someone other than me Bm A/G G Gmaj7 G6 Fighting to make the mirror happy Bm G Trying to find whatever is missing Bm A/B Bm Won?t you help me back G To glory Chorus A/G C A/C You make me beautiful A/C# Bm A/B Bm You make me stand in awe Bm7 G A/G You step inside my heart A D Asus And I am amazed D G/D I love to hear You say A/C# Bm A/B Bm Who I am is quite enough Bm7 G You make me worthy of love A Bm A/B And beautiful Bm G A/G You make me worthy of love G Bm A/B Bm A/G G A/G And beautiful G A/B Beautiful Bm A/B Bm A/G Gmaj7 A/G Gmaj7 Repeat and Fade

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