Beth Hart


Beth Hart

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	  		Intro:| E | G#7 | A | Am | E | 
      | C#7 | F#7 | B7 | E | A | E | B7 | 

E           G#7 
  Yes, baby.... I've been drinkin' 
A           Am 
  I know....shouldn't come by no more 
      E                 C#7 
But I...found myself in trouble Darling 
F#7       B7            E          A  E  B7       
    And I had no place else to go 

         E         G#7 
Got some... whisky....from a bottle 
         A                Am 
Got some cocaine, cocaine....from a friend 
      E              C#7 
And I had to keep on pushin' darlin' 
F#7          B7                   E   A  E  E7   
   Til I was back in your arms again 

And I am guilty, baby, I am guilty 
            E              B7         E     E/F#  E/G  E/G#  A 
And I'll be guilty for the rest of my life 
How come I never do what I am supposed to do? 
   F#m                            B7    C7  B7 
And when I try to do it, it never turns out right? 

E                  G#7 
You know how it is..... with me mother fucker 
A                       Am 
 You know, I just can't stand myself 
            E           C#7 
It takes a whole lot of medicine, darling 
F#7          B7                          E   A  E  B7 E E7 
   For me to pretend that I am somebody else 

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