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We Dared The Lightning Chords

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by julidinamica

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We Dared The Lightning

(Vanessa Hill)

	  INTRO: D  G  Cadd9  (2x) 

Mama said slow down, but I was goin' to fast to listen 
Said what goes 'round comes around, but only time could get my attention 
          G                              D  
But as I look back now over advice well given 
              G                        A 
I can't help wonderin' how it is that I'm still livin' 

G D I had some wild friends, we did some crazy things A G D We kept some long late hours, we dared the lightnin' G D We took it to the edge, runnin' full speed ahead A G D We laid our lives on the line, we dared the lightnin'
D G Cadd9 It really blows my mind, I don't know how that I survived Still I go back from time to time, visit others by their graveside Wish mama had lived to see now I have kids of my own She'd be laughin' at me but mama'd never cast a stone CHORUS BRIDGE: A G D It was like playin' Russian roulette, always braggin' and bluffin' A G A Racin' 'round in our gin bullets, we never stopped at nothin' SOLO CHORUS A G D We laid our lives on the line, we dared the lightnin' D D D G Cadd9 D We dared the lightnin', we dared the lightnin' D G Cadd9 D We dared the lightnin' (repeat and fade)

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