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Method To My Madness Chords

Bee Gees

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by AlanLawra

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Method To My Madness

(Bee Gees)

           C                        G 
I've played the game,     still it's not worth it 
       Am                   F 
Like a woman-------- in the rain---- 
           C                     G 
I close my eyes--,    i'm on the shelf--- 
I know myself------ 

n.c.          C                   G 
I've seen the lights,    of ev'ry city 
         Am                         F 
Tried to work out-------,   where I am 
           C                 G 
I close my mind,     for the day--- 
I know the way----- 

repeat verse one 

Em                    F 
There's never ever anybody to rely on 
Am                            Dm 
There isn't time to count the shoulders I have cried on 
C                              Bb 
 well that's just circumstances , 
F                    C 
  I must take--,  my chances 
     Bb           F                   C 
But, baby,    you don't know what I'm saying 
      Bb                   F                        C 
But I guess,    that's not true and you know that's true 
              Bb        F           C 
But there's a method,   to my---,  madness--- 

n.c.            C                     G 
I've played the game , still it's not worth it 
       Am                       F 
Like a woman---------    in the rain 
              C                   G 
So I close my eyes--,     for the day 
I know the way--------- 

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