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A Lonely Violin Chords

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Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by joaoewerton

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A Lonely Violin

  		E                      F#m7 
Oh... What it is to be lonely 
B7                                       E   
Deep in the green grass of the valley of fear.  
C#m                  B7               E 
One time long ago, I tried so hard to reach you,  
B7                 E        B7                  E 
A song I tried to teach you but you were never there.  

E                     F#m7 
Deep in the sleep I'm under,  
B7                              E   
There is the sound of a lonely violin.  
C#m                  B7               E 
Not even now there's nothing I'd be taking.  
B7                 E       B7                 E 
What world am I forsaking when you were never there?  

E   B7         E 
Now let it all begin.  
                    B7          E 
I wanna hear it now, let it all begin.  
                        B7        E 
Bring me the sound of a lonely violin. 

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