Dance With Me


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Dance With Me

Capo on 4th fret

C            Cmaj7  C 
If you wanna dance then 
Cmaj7      F 
Dance with me 
C           Cmaj7 C 
It's pretty fast but 
Cmaj7                  F 
This is what you do at parties, right? 

Dm                      G 
And I know it's hard to tell 
       F        Fm 
But I think I really like you 

( C  Cmaj7  C  Cmaj7 ) 

C            Cmaj7 
Just take it slow 
C    Cmaj7                F 
And move your feet to the beat 
 C            Cmaj7  C 
'Cause if we dance then 
Cmaj7              F 
You don't have to speak 

Dm                      G 
And I know it's hard to tell 
      F        Fm 
But I think I really like you 

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