Bart Crow Band

All I Need

Bart Crow Band

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All I Need

Capo on 2nd fret
	  		Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
[email protected] 

It sounds like Bart tunes down to get the bass walks into the minor 
but Ive always tabbed to the standard tuning so here it is: 

You can get Bart's music at!! 


C#m  A  E  B  twice 


C#m             A                   E            B 
I can feel your heart beat when you laying by my side 
C#m          A           E              B 
I can see forever when I look into your eyes 
C#m        A                  E               B 
Each day beside you, girl you take my breath away 
C#m        A               E             B 
Right here in your arms is where I wanna stay 

A B E Its the way that you look girl when your readin late at night A B E Its the way that your body feels, when your layin by my side A B E C#m Love like ours cant be built in a million dreams A B E Cause its just you and me, girl your all I need
Watchin you walk in, yeah your dancin through your world Got your heart in my hands 'cause your daddy's little girl Baby i've loved you, from our very first hello At first you stole my heart, baby here's my soul Chorus Solo C#m E Never knew love could be so sweet C#m E Never knew girl that you could love me C#m E I'll spend each day just to make your dreams come true A B Cause it's just you and me, baby its me and you. Repeat Chorus Its just you and me baby Its you and me darlin Its you and me and girl your all i need.

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