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Sweet Victory

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Sweet Victory

The winner takes all 
Bb                     C       Dm  
it's the thrill of one more kill  
the last one to fall  
Bb               C            Dm 
will never sacrifice there will  

F                  Bb 
Don't ever look back  
on a world closing in 
the only intent  
                         Dm      Bb 
with your wings on the wind 
Oh the things that we did,  

           F      Am           Dm       
And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah  
And it's ours for the taking  
It's ours for the fight  

          F     Am            Dm 
And the sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah  
          Bb               C 
And the world is ours to call 

  F      Am           Dm  
Sweet, sweet, sweet victory 

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