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INTRO: F#m   Bm   E   A   C# (2x)

F#m                         Bm 
Wake up in bed screaming so silently 
E                      A       C# 
Punch out the walls of insecurity 
F#m                          Bm 
Make up instead and say that I'll be fine 
E                              A       C# 
I spread these kinds of rumors all the time 
F#m                    Bm 
My barricade is like a prison fence 
            E                                  A       C# 
The way I'm feeling when I smile: "They really make no sense" 
F#m                           Bm 
Lights in my room just like a starry night 
E                          A 
And that's the way that it goes, 
that's just the way that it goes 

D A When there's nobody around you, E no one to profound you F#m Just leave me alone, don't leave me by myself D A I see no friends, only strangers C# that don't know my danger
VERSE 2: F#m Bm I drink my coffee from a paper cup E A C# It doesn't keep my hands warm enough F#m Bm Making some plans so I have something to break E A C# Looking alive so I have something to fake F#m Bm There's no protection when the demons come E A C# I hear the screaming pound on my eardrums F#m Bm This house is haunted now that nobody knows E A That's just way that it goes C# that's just the way that it goes CHORUS SOLO: F#m Bm E A C# (4x) BRIDGE: Bm Tell me that this is a dream F#m E Give me the weightlessness I need Bm I'm floating around this room now F#m E Escaping the memory stampede Bm I think I can see my mother F#m E Living without her's made me weak Bm I'm fighting a losing battle F#m E I am a game of hide and seek CHORUS (2x) OUTRO: F#m Bm E A C# (That's just the way that it goes, oh...) F#m Bm E C#5 B5 A5 Ab5 F#m

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