Backyard Babies


Backyard Babies

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Oh yeah alright OK c'mon  
             A        Bm    E 
We're in the backseat of my car 
Friday night just a bit uptight  
        A          Bm            E 
I never thought it would go this far  

Hook me up with some Tennnessee  
             D           A 
Let's make a toast to my friends  
      D      A          E 
We're losin' all our sense  
I mightnot sympathize  
          A        Bm     E 
With your patethic way of life  

C                 G 
Don't think about tomorrow baby  
            A                    E 
When you're dreamin' 'bout yesterday  
C                G 
You can not have life to go  
Just blew your chance today 

               E   C 
There's always someone 
G                   D 
Who's gonna feed my Frankenstein 
E   C 
G                   D 
Who's gonna feed my Frankenstein 

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