Farmers Daughter Chords


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by sabrjoao

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Farmers Daughter

Intro: E A (2x) 

E                              A     D         E 
You've been travelling on that dusty road 
           B          E    
Break some bread with me! 
E                         A     D     E 
Your wife and donkey on a dusty road 
               B          E 
Now break some bread with me! 
A                      B         E 
Now come and rest your head with me!  

EA x2 

E                            A        D    E 
When asked to choose between this and that  
Hmmm, I'll take the former 
     A               D     E 
I'll take the former every time! 
     A               B     E 
I'll take the former every time! 


E  B      D                 A 
He knows where his daughter goes 
         E      B          D                 A 
It's the way it feels when sunlight hits the snow 
Sunlight hits the snow. 

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