B. J. Thomas

It's Only Love

B. J. Thomas

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It's Only Love

Year: 1969 -

(Mark James-Steve Tyrell)

	  		Intro: D G A7       

D                         Em   A7          
I see the sunlight in her hair        
I feel the warm smile that she wears       
                      G    A7       
She has no recipe for love        
And I just can't get enough       
                        Em   A7       
From the distance of my mind        
The clock that's ringing says it's time       
                      G  A7       
To wake up to my destiny       
                       D  (Em F#m G)       
It's time to face reality       
     A7   D            C                      
It's only love, that I feel inside       
    G               D       
But I'll get by somehow        
It's only love          
        C               Gm         C       
I never woke up from my dream girl       
Gm             D                               
I know there's something else       
    A7/4     A7       
For me girl, me girl        
D                           Em   A7       
I tell myself that it's not real       
There's nothing left for me to feel        
                         G   A7       
I'll just be going on my way       
                        D   G A7 (Em F#m G)        
Tomorrow brings another day        
     A7   D            C                           
It's only love, that I feel inside       
But I've got to be strong        
        Em   F#m     G         
Keep my mind hangin' on       
     A7   D           C       
It's only love, but I know I'll get by       
I'll take my heart and my pride       
         Em    F#m   G                            
And just throw then aside       
     A7   D    C G (Em F#m G)        
It's only love       
     A7   D    C G (Em F#m G)        
It's only love       
     A7   D    C G (Em F#m G A7 D)       
It's only love...       


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