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Push Chords

Avril Lavigne

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by IronPower4Ever

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(Avril Lavigne)

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Iíve seen too much of you lately 
And youíre starting to get on my nerves 
This is exactly what happened last time 
And itís not what we deserve 
Itís is a waste of my time lately 
And Iím running out of words 
If itís really meant to be 
Then you could find a way to see 

G D And maybe you should just shut up Em Even when it gets tough C Baby Ďcause this is love G D And when push comes to shove Em Itís gonna take the both of us C Baby this is love (x2) C G Love, Love, Love
G Itís really great to be with you C This is how I could spend my life G But Iím capable of taking care of myself C So if you fuck this up Then go take a hike G Itís a waste of my time shaking C Iím not going out searching G If itís really meant to be C Then you can find a way to see
Em D You and me Em We can both start over D Just the two of us Em We can get a little close D So follow me Em Honestly D And you will see Yeah C G Love, Love, Love

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