Avion Blackman

Yeshua Chords

Avion Blackman

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by joaoewerton

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Intro: E|-------5-5---6-5h6p5---------3-3---5-3h5p3--------------------------------------| B|-----8-----8--------8------6-----6--------6--6-6p4-4-3h4p3----------------------| G|---7---------------------5---------------------------------5-3-2--3/5-5-5-5h7---| D|-5---------------------3------------------------------------------------------5-| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Gm Dm Yeshua Eb F Gm Yeshua Gm Dm here is only one name under Heaven Eb F Gm Given to man by which we must be saved Gm Dm He is above every dominion Eb F Gm Jesus Christ, Yeshua is His name verse 2: Gm Dm He is coming on the clouds of Heaven Eb F Gm To bring us to the new Jerusalem Gm Dm Until then we patiently await Him Eb F Gm Our Lord, our Savior and our Friend Woh Woh Woh

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