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Always have, always will Chords


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by blzentao3

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Always have, always will

	  Intro:  C   Am   C   Am   (keep repeating until you start the lyrics) 
  C                             Am           F 
Part of me is the prodigal    Part of me is the other brother 
                           Am                     F                       
But I think the heart of me is really somewhere between them  
   C                           Am               F 
Some days I'm running wild  Some days we're reconciled 
                          Am                    F                         
But I wonder all the while why you put up with me when 
  G             Am                 Bb                  C  
I wrestle most days to find ways to do as I please 
C Am C G I always have I always will You saved me once You save me still C Am F My longing heart, Your love alone can fill G C You always have Always will
C Am F I was born with a wayward heart Still I live with a restless spirit C Am F I'm caught in the trappings of My search for a lasting love C Am F Am I've made mistakes enough to last me a lifetime G Am Bb C I still slip I still fall But I'll always run back to You Repeat Chorus G Am G Am I'm gonna keep trusting You I've seen what You've seen me through G Am G Bb I'm goin' where You have gone I'm letting You lead me on Dm* F All my days...always and forever Dm* F Never far...never leave me never Dm* F Here I'll stay...ever love me ever Dm* F C Am C Here's my heart I'll always love You Love You yeah Repeat Chorus

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