Australian Crawl


Australian Crawl

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	  		Transcribed by: Glenn Higgins 
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Riff 1 (Em Bm) ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------0---------7-------- -------2---------9---------- -----2---------9------------ ---0---------7-------------- ---2-----------2-------------- ----3-----------3------------- ---2-----------2-------------- ---x-----------x-------------- ---x--------------4----------- ---x-------------------------
(D) (D/C#bass) Intro D Dmaj7 D Dmaj7 Verse D D/C#bass Meet me down by the jetty landing Cadd9 D Dsus4 D Where the the pontoons bump and spray D D/C#bass I see the others reading, standing Cadd9 G D As the Manly Ferry cuts its way to Circular Quay D D/C#bass Hear the Captain blow his whistle Cadd9 D Dsus4 D So long shes been away D D/C#bass I miss our early morning wrestle Cadd9 G D Not a very happy way to start the day Em Bm Cadd9 G She don't like That kind of behaviour x 2
D D/C#bass Cadd9 G So_____ throw down your guns D Don't be so reckless D/C#bass Cadd9 Throw down your guns G Don't be so
D D/C#bass Feel like Scott of the Antarctic Cadd9 D Dsus4 D Base camp too far away D D/C#bass A Russian sub beneath the Arctic Cadd9 G Burke and Wills and camels D Initials in the tree (run down with notes G F# E on E string) Em Bm Cadd9 G She don't like that kind of behaviour x 2 Chorus Guitar Solo (Chords same as Verses) Chorus fades with soloing over the top.

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