Austin Lucas

Life I've Got

Austin Lucas

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Life I've Got

Capo on 2nd fret


G C Fmaj7 G 
from the C chord you hammer on the second fret on your D string and form your fmaj7, hammer on the  
second fret of the G string and let it ring open, then back to the G 

verse 1 

Am                   F                                 C walk down to Cmaj9 
I couldn't fall asleep again, my breath was ash and sour 
Am                      F                                            C / Cmaj9 
With the echoes of your rising voice that split my ears like a former lover 
F                 G                    C      /  Cmaj9   /  Am                                   
I'm sorry if I brought you down to the place where I've been dwelling  
F                         G                 Am 
But I haven't learned to live without your spark  
F                        G                    C and play the intro diddy  
And I've got to somehow live this life I've got 

verse 2 
Am                       F                                             C  /  Cmaj9           
So you spit me out in a decaying world with but the faintest light to guide me 
Am                        F                                                C  /  Cmaj9    
And I find and walk that path I've known to be reserved for the slowly dying 
F                  G                    C / Cmaj9 / Am                                       
Yes I know how to paint the town and carry on with women 
F                              G                     Am     
But if you think that's what I want oh girl you're wrong 
F                                G                       C   -intro- 
But I guess that's just how I'm living now that you're gone 

verse 3 

Am                         F                                      C  /  Cmaj9    
So when I called you, you cried again and with each sob I grew bitter 
Am                              F                                         C  /  Cmaj9        
And though I long to hear your sweetest voice it so shakes me I might shatter 
F                  G                          C  / Cmaj9 /  Am                          
Are you trying to bring me down when I was feeling so much better 
Fm                            G                Am        
Or leave me looking for your love where it is not  
F                            G            C  /  Cmaj9  /  Am  
Well I guess I'm finally learning now I guess I'm finally learning how 
F                         G                        C into riff and finish on a C 
I guess I learned how to live with the life I've got  

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