Audrey Assad


Audrey Assad

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Intro: Db    F# (2x)

verse 1 
Db                 F#                  Db 
You've drawn so close  that it's hard to see you  
Db                      Dbm    Db 
And you speak so softly That it's hard to hear you  
        Bbm             Ab  
And I guess that's what I get  
        F#      Db 
For inviting you in  
                Ebm               Ab 
Because you took me at my wo-o-rd  
And now I know  

Bbm Ebm Faith is not a fire as much as it's a glow Ab Fm A quiet lovely burning Underneath the snow Bbm Fm Bbm Ebm its not too much its just enough to get me home Ab Db Ebm Ab Cause love moves slow, Love moves slow
verse 2 Db F# Db You run so deep That it's hard to miss you F# Db And you come so ne-ar That it's hard to feel you Ab Db F# Db Oh, and I guess that's how it is When I let you move Ebm Ab Because you take me at my wo-ord Db Oh, and now I know
Ab Db Bbm Db Ebm That faith is not a fire As much as it's a glow Ab Fm A steady humble lamplight In the wi-i-indow Bbm Fm Bbm Ebm And it's not too much It's just enough to get me home Ab Bbm 'Cause love moves slow Love moves slow
Bridge Bbm I heard that faith moves mountains Ebm Ab Db Bbm I know it moves my fe-et To follow you And maybe I'm a mountain Ebm Ab Db Because it's movi-ing me To follow you
Ab Bbm Ebm My faith is not a fire As much as it's a glow Ab Fm A little burning ember In my weary soul Bbm And it's not too much Fm Bbm F# It's just enough to get me home Because your love moves slow Ab Db Yeah, your love moves slow So I move slow F# Because you move slow Love moves slow Ab Db Let's move slow

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