Audrey Assad

Everything Is Yours

Audrey Assad

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Everything Is Yours


IntroAm F G (2x) 

Am           F              C    G 
When all the world is blossoming. 
Am       F                C             G 
And everything around, is bursting into life. 
           Am         F               G 
And I dont have to strain to hear the beat of your heart. 
         Am          F     G 
Oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh 

(same as the first) 
When all the world is under fire, 
And skies are threatening, to thunder and rain. 
And I am overcome by fears that I cant see 
Oh-oh-oh-oh (again) 

Am F C G If everything is yours Am F C G Everything is yours Am F G Yeah everything is yours, F Am F Im letting it go, it was never mine to hold. C G Am F G No, it was never mine
Who could command the stars to sing Or hold the raging seas, from breaking through the doors And tend the fragile roses with the very same hands. (Oh bit) (2x) CHORUS (2x) finish on G

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