Universe Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by fernsantana

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verse 1 
G   Bm     A 
        Sun and stars declare Your ways 
D   D/F#  G 
        All creation sings Your praise 
G   Bm          A                   D  D/F#  G 
        Your the name above all names 

G   Bm     A 
        Spoke the stars into the night 
D   D/F#  G 
        With a breathe You gave me life 
G   Bm          A                     D  D/F#  G 
        I see Your Glory fill the skies 

A              Bm                D 
    You?re the God of the universe 
            G               D 
    Yet You know me by name 

verse 2 
G   Bm     A 
        Broke the darkness with Your light 
D   D/F#  G 
        With a word created life 
G   Bm          A                   D  D/F#  G 
        You?re the author of all time 
G   Bm     A 
        Hold the world within your hand 
D   D/F#  G 
        Every wave by Your command 
G   Bm          A                   D  D/F#  G 
        You are worthy of all praise 

G Bm A If my hearts still beating I don't need a reason D D/F# G I will lift my hands up high G Bm A Cause there?s no one like You, there is none beside You D D/F# G You are God and You are Most High
Bridge D You spoke the darkness into light G With just one breath You gave me life

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