Assis Guerra

I Say

Assis Guerra

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I Say

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	  		                              E7M C#m7(9)  
                           A bright shooting  
                              E7M C#m7(9)  
                             I feel happy  
                      G#m7(9) F#sus G#m7(9) F#sus  
             Playing the wound at the edge of the sad life  
                         E7M C#m7 C#m7 E7M  
                  Of course a love, generated flavor.  
                      I often say that the affection  
                        F#sus (G#m7(9): F#sus)  
                          It is beautiful too  
                 (C#m7: G#m7(9): Bm7: A7M C: D7: F#sus)  
                        E7M C#m7(9) E7M C#m7(9)  
                     I get thirsty, of things bud  
                 Of everything that makes it possible  
                       F#sus G#m7(9): F#sus)  
                         Smile without fear  
                         E7M C#m7 C#m7 E7M  
                 The passion to me and I will be happy  
                       G#m7(9) F#sus (bridge)  
            I need to know where is the address of dreams  
                           Bm7 C#m7 D7M  
                 I need to know is if you love fine  
                            G7M D/F# Em7  
                   How can you still not like you  
                             A9 D/F# Bm7  
                       Saying someone is love  
                             C#m7 D7M  
                    Eye that sees both a flame  
                           G7M D/F# Em7  
                A look equally good, to know what.  
                         A9 D/F# Bm7 (E7M)  
                Of normal in the voice that we love 

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