Ashton Shepherd

Not Right Now

Ashton Shepherd

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Not Right Now


D                                     G 
I ain't supposed to wanna do alotta drinkin' 
D                                        G 
'Least that's what a lot of folks keep thinkin' 
D                                                   G 
I ain't supposed to stay out till all hours of the mornin' 
D                          G 
I'm supposed to be a young lady 

D G But I like my music loud and a real big crowd with a cooler close by D G I like a pint'a crown and a country sound and stayin' out all night D G And I like dirt roads and river banks and something cold to drink A G Yeah some say that ain't what my life's about A G and one day im gonna have to settle down A D but not right now G D no I ain't got to right now
D G So what if I like the bar and dancin'? D G Well what do you care if you don't mind me askin'? D G I like being a little wild and havin' fun, D G Now don't tell me you forgot about all the things you've done (Refrão) 2x A D No I got to right now D G D And y'all I aint gonna settle down

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