Ashes Remain

Everything Good

Ashes Remain

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Everything Good

Capo on 1st fret

C		      G 
You are oxygen, on a late night drive 
Am			F 
To clear my head when hope has passed me by 
C		          G 
You are gravity, when I'm upside down 
Am		      F	        	C 
You help me find my way back to the ground 
A            F 
And this is why 

C G You're everything good, everything true Am F When all the world is fading, You're everything new C G You are my eyes, when I can't see Am F When all the world is broken, You will always be C G A F Everything good
C G You are all I have, and all I need Am F C G And all I am is what You've made of me Am F And this is why G Am F C You're everything, good to me G Am F You're everything, that I need, that I need

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