Asaf Avidan

Jet Plane

Asaf Avidan

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Jet Plane

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Verses: PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM e|-----------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------| D|-----------------------------3-----| A|-3-5-5---3-5-5---3-5-5---3-5---5-3-| E|-----------------------------------| between verses she adds in the 4th time of the Intro: PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM e|----------------------------| B|----------------------------| G|----------------------------| D|---------------------3----3-| A|-3-5-5---3-5-5---3-5----5---| E|----------------------------| during the Verse: D e|------------------------------| B|------------------------------| G|------------------------------| D|------------------------------| A|-3-5-5---3-5-5---3-5-5---3-5-5| E|------------------------------| C e|------------------------------| B|------------------------------| G|------------------------------| D|------------------------------| A|-1-3-3---1-3-3---1-3-3---1-3-3| E|------------------------------|
D Door shuts, here we go Same old one hit we know C Cut, slice, roll the dice Nothing worse than ending nice D Floors, flags, world in bags Open wounds and shattered rags C Here we go again (Here we go again) G D It hurts like a jet plane taking off

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