Arctic Monkeys

Fireside Chords

Arctic Monkeys

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by gustsilva

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verse 1 
I can't explain but I wanna try 

There's this image of you and I 
And it goes dancing by 
        Gm                    Dm 
In the morning and the night time 

There's all these secrets I can't keep 

Like in my heart there's that hotel suite 
And you lived there so long 
            Gm                    Dm 
It's kind of strange now you're gone 

Bb I'm not sure if I should Gm Show you what I've found Bb Has it gone for good Gm Or is it coming back around? Bb Isn't it hard to make up your mind Gm When you're losing Dm And your fuse is Fireside
Verse2 Dm There's all those places we used to go And I suspect that you already know Bb But that place on memory lane Gm You like still looks the same Dm But something about it's changed Chorus Bridge Bb Gm And I thought I was yours, Forever Bb Gm Or maybe I was mistaken, Bb But I just can't manage to Gm Dm Make it through the day without thinking of you lately Chorus

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