Angel Olsen


Angel Olsen

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Capo on 2nd fret


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E|--0-------------------0--------------0--------------------| B|--1---1h3h1-----1-----1---3p1-----0--1--------------------| G|--0----------2--------0--------2-----0--------------------| D|--2-------------------2--------------2--------------------| A|--3-------------------3--------------3--------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------|
verse 1 C Saw it in her eyes C No it wasn't what she said C She came together like a dream C That i didn't know i had F From the sleepin' life i lead G All the colours i have seen F I cant help but recognise G The brighter one in front of me F C Oh the truth i thought i learned G F C And then it finally came along G F C Turn around and then its there G F C F All the love i thought was gone
D7 F I want to know you D7 F I want to show you D7 F I want to be there D7 F I want to see her G F Piece us together G F Know its forever G F Show me the future G F Tell me you'll be there D7 F I want to go where D7 F Nobody knows fear G F I want to follow G My heart down that wild road
verse 2 F C Everywhere i go G F C I can see your face G F C Alive and gone at once G F C Its the way i see this place G F C And all this blessing was a curse G F C Before i opened up my heart G F C You learn to take it as it comes G F C F You fall together, fall apart
D7 F I want to know you D7 F I want to show you D7 F I want to be there D7 F I want to see her G F Live it through your eyes G F Piece us together G F Know that this wild road G F will go on forever G F i want to live life G D7 i want to die right C F Next to you C F Next to you C F Next to you
C F G All my life i thought i'd change End on C

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