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by europeu

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  		Dm7    G6/9   Em7     A7 
Emily, Emily, Emily 
Em7 A7  D6         D9   D7/9  G     Gdim 
Has the murmuring sound  of  May 
A   B             G#7           C#m7     F#7 
All silver bells, coral shells, carousels 
        Bm7     Bm7/E  E7     E7/6   A7   A7/5+ Gdim A7/5+ 
And the laughter of   child - ren at play --   they say 
 Dm7    G6/9   Em7     A7 
"Emily, Emily, Emily" 
Em7 A7  D   D9 D D7   D7/9   D    G 
And we fade to a mar - vel - ous view 
Gdim Bm   F#7 Em7  F#m Fdim F#m          B7 
Two  lov - ers a - lone and out of sight 
Cdim  B7  G     G/F# Em7 A  A7  Cdim      B7 
See - ing images         in the firelight 
A7    G    G/F#        A7  G  F#m    B7 
As my eyes vis - ual - ize a family 
Cdim B7   Em7      A7       D 
They see dreamily, Emily 
Instrumental Interlude:  First 2 lines of second verse 
A7    G    G/F#        A7  G  F#m    B7 
As my eyes vis - ual - ize a family 
Cdim B7   Em7   A7    A7/5+  D    G/B  A7/5+   D6 
They see Emily, Emily,     too. 


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