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	  		E           B 
Yahweh, Yahweh 
F#m7                          C#m7     B 
Ancient One yet you're here today 
E                   B 
Ageless One, Changeless One 
F#m7           E      D          B 
Showing love to all generations 
F#m7                       C#m7  B 
        Show us your glory, oh  Lord 
F#m7                           C#m7 
        Let your goodness pass before us 
A                       B     E/G#
Right before our eyes 

A E A E And we will worship, and we will bow down A E B E/G# And we will call you Lord A E A E And we will kneel before the maker of the universe A E B And we will call you Lord
Yahweh, Yahweh Faithful One, you have shown us the way Through the years, through all our lives You have shown you are faithful to the end E B A E B A Yahweh, Yahweh, etc...

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