Andy Park

Take Me Away

Andy Park

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Take Me Away

G            D    Em        C             G                           
 I am looking for, I am long for the place where I can    
       D              G  
 lay my head upon Your breast  
G            D       Em                 C 
 I am looking for the place where You will pour Your oil  
G       G   D    G    
 over me all over me       

C G C G Em D G Pour over me, Pour over me, Your oil, of perfect peace
verse 2 G D Em C G I am looking for, the time when I can steal away, to D G find the place of rest, the place of peace G D Em Em I am looking for the time to steal away and be G G D G with you, to be with You C G C G Em D G Take me away, Take me away, So I can be with You

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