Andrew Jackson Jihad

Another Beer

Andrew Jackson Jihad

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Another Beer

(Andrew Jackson Jihad)


intro: G B Em C D x3 

G     B     Em 
Drink another beer my darling 
C                   D 
You're drinking for two 
G    B         Em 
When Skyler got out of prison 
      C             D 
I was worried about you 
G      B   Em 
He can be a mean motherfucker 
C             D 
You know it's true 
G      B            Em 
He got out of prison with parole 
      C        D 
And a swastika tattoo 

Now I am worried for you 
and the well-being of your baby, too 

reapeat intro 

G      B           Em 
So the baby's gonna have a daddy 
      C                D 
Well, that's wonderful news 
G        B     Em 
He won't be the greatest parent 
    C            D 
But neither will you 
G         B        Em 
Gotta get out while you can 
C                D 
Otherwise you're screwed 
G    B       Em 
Your legs are broken and 
     C                  D 
your eyes are black and blue 

Now I am worried for you 
and the well-being of your family, too 

play intro same as outro 

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