Andrew Bird


Andrew Bird

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00:05 Play This Throughout, in between the G ------------------------- ------------------------- -------0------------0---- ----4-----4------4-----4- -5------------5---------- -------------------------
---------------------------------------------- verse 1 ******** Being alone it can be quite romantic Like Jacques Cousteau underneath the sea Atlantic G G A fantastic voyage to parts unknown Going to depths where the sun's never shone G G And I fascinate myself when I'm alone ---------------------------------------------- verse 2 ******** So I go a little overboard but hang on to the hull While I'm airbrushing fantasy art on a life G G That's really kind of dull Oh, I'm in a lull G G Oh, I'm in a lull ---------------------------------------------- verse 3 ******** G G Oh Ohh Ohhh I'm all for moderation but sometimes it seems Moderation itself can be a kind of extreme G So I joined the congregation G I joined the softball team I went in for my confirmation G Where incense looks like steam G I start conjugating proverbs Where once there were nouns G This whole damn rhyme scheme's starting to get me down ---------------------------------------------- G G Oh, I'm in a lull G G Oh, I'm in a lull G ---------------------------------------------- verse 1 - REPEAT ***************** ---------------------------------------------- verse 4 ******** I'm rambling on rather self consciously While I'm stirring these condiments into my tea G And I think I'm so lame G But I think this song's about me G G Don't I don't I don't I I'm in a lull x4 REPEAT TO FADE ENJOY.........

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