Andrew Bird


Andrew Bird

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Intro/Instr. e|------0-----------2-----------0-----------2-----| B|------0-----------2-----------0-----------4-----| G|------1---------2-------------1---------4-------| D|--------------2-----------------2-----4---------| A|----2-------0---------------2-----4-2-----------| E|0h4-----2h4---------4///0-4-----------------4-2-|
E I was walking Emaj7 With my feet A A disposition Am Fell over me E The armory wall was bleeding B The restless child was reading E A E A Am E I was swimming Emaj7 Could hardly stand A The swimming hour Am was at hand E The fishes they were feeding B The lambs they were bleating E A E A Am A ooooooo I walk slowly E ooooooo I walk slowly B I walk slowly A Am When I walk away E A Am E B from you Whistle solo E Emaj7 A Am E B A Am E I'm feeling bad Emaj7 I'm looking bad A Am I feel and look so bad E Some might say B Yours truly A Am is soaking his head E There's apprehension Emaj7 And inhibition A All contributions Am To my attrition E And it happened long ago B These things these things A That make me walk so darn Am slow E slow

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