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Little Town Chords

Amy Grant

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by burns46824

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Little Town

  		?Little Town? performed by Amy Grant  Copyright 1983 
Harmonic Transcription by Tyler Burns 2008 

       F         Bb/F 
|     /     /     /     /     |   (x4) 

F           Bb/F    F            Bb/F          C/F        F 
Ohhhh little    town of Beth-----le----hem 
         Am/C        Bb           F     Bb      C      Bb/C      C 
 How   still   we see thee lie??????????? 
F           Bb/F          F               Bb/F         C/F     F 
A-----bove thy deep and dream---less    sleep 
       Am/C   Bb           F     Bb      C      Bb/C      C 
The silent   stars go by 

Bridge 1: 
Bb(add2)   Am     Bb/F               C     
             Yet in thy dark streets shineth 
Bb(add2)     C      Bb(add2)        C 
             The ever-lasting           light 
Bb(add2)     Am             Bb/F      C          Bb(add2) 
             The hopes and fears of all the years 
                    C          Bb        C          (F    Bb/F) x4 
             Are met in thee    to----night 

Verse 2: 
(same chords as Verse 1) 
How silently, how silently 
The wondrous gift is given 
So God imparts to human hearts 
The blessings of his heaven 

Bridge 2: 
     We hear the Christmas angels 
     The great glad tidings tell 
Dm                                         Bb 
     O come to us, abide with us 
                                      C         (F    Bb/F) x4 
     Our lord emman?u----el 

{same chords as Verse} 

Bridge 3: 
     No ear may hear his coming 
     But in this world of sin 
Dm                                                          Bb 
     Where meek souls will receive him 
                                         C   F 
     Still the dear Christ en--ters in 

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