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	  		Intro Chords: A E F#m D 

Verso 1: 
A        E 
 Remember the moment you face 
      F#m                      D 
Is it all straight ahead or behind you? 
A          E 
 Well maybe if you look around 
          F#m                       D 
You'll see everything's perfectly clear 

Pre Refrão: 
F#m                     D 
Picture it all in your mind 

  A        E         F#m  D 
Remember where we are now 
A         E 
Open your eyes 
  F#m         D 
& take it all in 
  A        E         F#m  D 
Remember where we are now 
  A            E         F#m - D 
This is where your life begins 

Verso 2: Igual o Verso 1 

You feel like you're lost in the crowd 
Watching life go on without you 
Well baby it's your turn to shine 
Everything's starting right here 

Pre Refrão: 
Don't leave this moment behind 


A            E 
Don't look away 
          F#m                        D 
It's the life that you choose now believe it 
A              E 
There'll come a day 
          F#m                 D 
When you look up and see how good you are with me 

Repete o Refrão 2x 

A      E   A      E   A      E 
 Remember.. Remember.. Remember.. 

  A            E         F#m - D 
This is where your life begins. 

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