Allison Weiss

I'll Be Okay

Allison Weiss

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I'll Be Okay

Capo on 2nd fret



Intro: A  E/F#  B  Asus       
       A  E/F#  B  E/F#  Asus 

A                    E/F#    
There's something endearing 

B             Asus 
About this empty room. 

A                  E/F#  
The sun is in my eyes now, 

B               Asus 
it's a quarter past two. 

A               E/F# 
And I've got my guitar, 

B               Asus 
and you've got your space, 

so I'm stuck in this place. 

E/F#            B       E/F# Asus 
I'm stuck in this place. 

A              E/F#  
I kinda don't mind it, 

B             Asus 
I'm losing my mind. 

A                E/F# 
Put off what's important, 

  B      E/F#        Asus 
if it'll buy me some time. 

Time to get braver, 

time to postpone 

the evident failure 

I can't seem to disown. 

And I'm still alone, 

E/F#                B E/F# Asus 
yeah I'm still alone. 

A  E/F#  B  Asus 
A  E/F#  B  E/F#  Asus 
Will you take me home? x4 

A              E/F# 
The day is not over, 

B             Asus 
I'm still in my bed, 

A                 E/F# 
'cause sleep is the answer 

        B               E/F#       Asus 
to the questions that float in my head. 

A             E/F# 
And I am not sober, 

B            Asus 
and I am not well, 

I thought you could tell. 

   E/F#             B E/F# Asus 
You never could tell. 

A                  E/F# 
I have nothing but patience 

B              Asus 
and nothing to lose, 

A                      E/F# 
'cause you've given me nothing 

         B           E/F#         Asus 
in the time that it takes you to choose. 

And there's no excuse now, 

for making mistakes. 

It's time to grow up, 

face the choices you make. 

You take and you take, 

E/F#                  B E/F# Asus 
and I'm starting to break. 

A  E/F#  B  Asus          A  E/F#  B  E/F#  Asus    

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