La Isla Bonita


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La Isla Bonita

	  		C#m          F#m            C#m 
Last night I dreamt of San Pedro  
A      C#m     E              B 
 Just like I'd never gone, I knew the song  
C#m               F#m            C#m 
A young girl with eyes like the desert  
A   C#m             E             B 
It all seems like yesterday, not far away  

C#m G#m Tropical the island breeze F#m E All of nature, wild and free G#m F#m This is where I long to be C#m La isla bonita G#m And when the samba played F#m E The sun would set so high G#m F#m Ring through my ears and sting my eyes C#m Your Spanish lullaby
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solo 1: E ---------------------------------------------------------------- B ----5-5-4-5---7--7/9----9-10-12-10-9-----9---------------------- G -------------------------------------10----9--10--8--9---8------ D -------------------------------------------------------9---11--- A ---------------------------------------------------------------- E ---------------------------------------------------------------- la segunda parte va exactamente como la primera I fell in love with San Pedro Warm wind carried on the sea He called to me, te dijo te amo I prayed that the days would last They went so fast solo 2: E --9-9-9----------------------------------------------------------------- B --------12--9/10/9----9/10/9----------------------9--------------------- G ------------------11-----------------8-9-11-9-8-9--11-9-8---8/9/8------- D -------------------------------10-11----------------------9-------9-11-- A ------------------------------------------------------------------------ E ------------------------------------------------------------------------ E ----------------------------------------------------- B ---------------------12-10--------------------------- G --------8-9-11-13-14--------------------------------- D --11-10---------------------------------------------- A ----------------------------------------------------- E -----------------------------------------------------
en esta tercera parte, al cantar empieza la misma conclusion del solo, escucha la cancion para conseguir la sincronizacion correcta F#m D E F#m I want to be where the sun warms the sky D When it's time for siesta E You can watch them go by F#m D E F#m Beautiful faces, no cares in this world D Where a girl loves a boy E G#m And a boy loves a girl Last night I dreamt of San Pedro It all seems like yesterday, not far away Coro 2x

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