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Under Control Chords

Alesso Calvin Harris

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by jov%2Dcorrea

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Under Control

Db             Eb 
    I might be, anyone 
Fm            Ab 
   A lone fool, out in the sun 
Db                Eb 
   Your heartbeat, of solid gold 
Fm            Ab 
   I love you, you never know 
Db                     Eb             Fm         Ab 
   When the daylight comes you feel so cold, you know 
Db                        Eb            Fm 
   I'm too afraid of my heart to let you go 
      Ab                     Db 
   Waiting to the fire to enlight 
     Eb                      Fm 
   Feeling like we could do right 
     Ab                          Db 
   We're the one that makes the night 
    Eb                     Fm 
   This fear is a lonely road 
   We're under control  

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