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Alan Jackson

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Who I Am

Year: 1994 - Album: Who I Am

	  This is a great song to play. Use a simple country strum, relax, and go nuts 
with, in my opinion, one of Alan Jackson's best recordings. 
He is truly amazing!  
Enjoy this song! 
(E) I know you hate my drinking and the way I talk sometimes 
But you (B)hate it most when I don't call at (E)nights 
It's just because you love me and you worry about your (A)man 
You do the (E)best (A)you (E)can with (B)who I (E)am 
Ch: Burning (A)both ends of a candle can (E)lead one in the dark 
But I (A)know what I put you through is (E)hard upon your (B)heart 
And It's (A)just that you're concerned for me, sweet (E)heart I 
You do the (E)best (A)you (E)can with (B)who I (E)am  (A)  (E)  (B)  (E) 
You go to church on Sunday while I'm still home in bed 
(B) Sleeping of the night I had (E)before 
Sometimes you say I'm perfect, and sometimes not worth a (A)damn 
You do the (E)best (A)you (E)can with (B)who I (E)am 
Ch: (last line X2) 


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