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The Blues Man Chords

Alan Jackson

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The Blues Man

Year: 1999 - Album: Greatest Hits 2 [Regular Edition]

	  Transcribed by: Eddie Garcia ( 
Uploaded by: Eddie Garcia ( 

G                                         C 
He s just a singer, a natural born guitar ringer 
          D                  G 
Kind of a clinger to sad old songs 
He s not a walk behinder, he s a new note finder 
                 D            C                 D       G 
But his names a reminder of a blues man that s already gone 
So he started drinkin , took some things that messed up his thinkin  
             D                     G 
He was sure sinkin  when she came along 
He was alone in the spot light, not too much left in sight 
                     D                                 G 
She changed all that one night when she sang him this song  

G Am Hey baby I love you, Hey baby I need you D C G Hey baby you ain t got to prove to me you re some kind of macho man Am You ve wasted so much of your life, runnin through the dark nights D C D G Let me shine a little love light, down on that blues man.
G C He got so sick from speedin , all the things they said he was needin D G If he was to keep on pleasin all of his fans C He got cuffed on dirt roads, he got sued over no shows D C G She came an took all that old load down off that old blues man And he sang
G Am Hey baby I love you too, Hey baby I need you D C G Hey baby I do get tired of this travelin band Am I m over forty years old now, nights would be cold now D G If you hadn t stuck it out with this blues man Am He s over forty years old now, nights would be so cold now D G If she hadn t hung around with that blues man.

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