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Murder on Music Row Chords

Alan Jackson

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Andy

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Murder on Music Row

	  Intro chords D A E A 
A                                     D 
Nobody saw him runnin' from 16th aven-ue 
                     A                                  E          
They never found a finger print or the weapon that was used. 
          A                                               D      
But some-one killed country music cut out it's heart and soul 
                     A     E              A 
They got away with murder down on music row 
A                                                  D 
The all mighty dollar and the lust for world wide fame 
                    A                                 E 
Slowly killed tra-dition and for that someone should pay  
                                      (Aw you tell 'em Allan) 
A                                                 D 
They all say "not guilty" But the evidence will show 
                   A        E            A     
That murder was committed down on music row 
A7 D A For the steel guitars no longer cry and fiddles barely play B E But drums and rock'n'roll guitars are mixed "2.)right" up in your face A D 1,) Old Hank wouldn't have a chance on today's radi-o 2.) Why the Hag wouldn't have a chance on today's radi-o A E A Since they committed murder down on music row
A D They thought no one would miss it once it was dead and gone A E They said no one would buy them old drinkin' and cheatin' songs (But I'll still buy 'em) A D There ain't no justice in and the hard facts are cold A E A Murder's been committed down on music row Go to Chorus using 2.), then to ending ENDING: A D Why they'd even tell the 'possum to pack up and go back home A E A There's been an awful murder down on music row

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